Overview Apps & Integrations

Learn which "Apps & Integrations" are available in Dualoo and how to install and use them.

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  • Admin rights to install "Apps & Integrations"

  • Recruiter rights to use "Apps & Integrations"

Overview Apps & Installations

We have compiled a selection of external services for direct use in Dualoo.

Dualoo currently has the following "Apps & Installations":

Personality Analysis IdentyFI

Further information about the installation of IdentyFI can be found here

More information about working with IdentyFI can be found here

Multiposting solique

More information about installing solique can be found here

More information about working with solique can be found here

Installation of Apps & Integrations by Admin

1. By clicking on

a new window will open and provide you with more information about the tool and how to install it.

Important: Some installations can cause costs.

2. You will find the corresponding "Help Center" articles linked. You will see how to install the integration and then work with it.

3. By clicking on

you can install the desired integration. To install an integration, you must accept the provider's privacy policy and terms of use (these are linked accordingly). Automatically, required templates and customizations are adapted in the corresponding areas.

4. After the installation you can see in the overview which integrations you have installed. In the details you can also see who did the installation. A possible deinstallation can be done by clicking the button "Uninstall".

If a function is uninstalled, the corresponding functions are no longer available.

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