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How can I assign rights to employees and what roles are there?
How can I assign rights to employees and what roles are there?

Learn how to assign rights to employees and which roles are available in Dualoo.

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How new employees are added, you can read here.


Only administrators and HR managers can see the "Employees" module and manage / assign rights.

Overview rights / roles in Dualoo

There are four roles (permission levels) in Dualoo:

  • Admin: Admins can view and edit the modules "Settings" and "Employees". Thus, it is possible for admins to customize Dualoo for the company and to manage and assign employees and their rights.

  • HR Manager: Can see all information in Dualoo except the "Settings". HR managers see all jobs (open & completed) and all dossiers and evaluations. In addition, the HR Manager role can be used to enter additional employees in Dualoo and edit employee authorizations.

  • Recruiters: Can enter and advertise new jobs and view and edit all dossiers and evaluations of the respective jobs. Rights are assigned on the spot or when entering new employees.

    Recruiters with limited rights (without creating / editing jobs)

    If line managers are responsible for parts of the process, communicate with candidates by email themselves and should see all dossiers for a job, recruiters can be assigned rights - with the restriction that no new jobs can be advertised or existing jobs edited. You can see how this works here.

  • Evaluating persons: These are typically line managers, vocational trainers and employees who can provide an assessment when requested by the recruiters. The request is made individually as required in the respective process step of the dossier.

Rights management in the settings

1. Click on "Settings" at the top of the menu. Under the title "Institution" now select "User Rights".

2. By clicking in the field Role: "Admin" or the field "HR Manager", further employees can be assigned the appropriate rights. All available employees will now appear. If the desired employee does not appear, this employee has not yet been entered (read more here). If the employee concerned is highlighted in grey, he is already site administrator.

3. By clicking on the cross after the name of the relevant employee, "Administrators" and "HR Manager" and can be deleted. It is not possible to save if no administrator has been selected (an error message appears).

4. The authorization as 'recruiter' is made on the respective job. However, in the settings, 'admins' have the option to adjust the detail authorisations for recruiters for the whole account.

View for multiple applications

By default, 'Recruiter' will also see the application for the job for which they do not have explicit authorization as 'Recruiter', so that a simple matching is possible.

If you want to restrict this, select "Only see dossiers for jobs for which you have authorization". This feature has been specially developed for recruitment agencies and intermediaries.

Create & edit jobs

By default, recruiters can create new jobs and edit jobs for which they have authorization. If only HR-Managers are allowed to create and edit new jobs, this checkbox can be deactivated.

This can be used if many line managers also have recruiter authorisations.

Assignment of rights in the employee area

Rights can also be assigned directly in the menu item "Employees". Here you can also see for which job advertisement employees have recruiter rights.

Recruiter - Assignment of rights in the job area

Authorizations as a recruiter, are assigned directly in the corresponding positions - in the "Authorizations" section. By adding the appropriate persons, they receive the right as recruiters. This allows the employees to see all dossiers and evaluations of the corresponding position and also to enter new positions.

The division of the recruiter rights refers to the respective process steps. Either with or without rights in the area of acceptance and rejection.

  1. Switch to the job overview and click on the settings icon of the respective job (gearwheel on the far right.)

  2. Further employees can be selected by clicking in the field.

  3. By clicking on the cross after the name of the corresponding employee, the rights as a recruiter can be deleted in the corresponding process step. It is not possible to save without assigning the role of Recruiter to at least one person.

Evaluating persons - Individual assignment of rights

Typically, evaluators are line managers, vocational trainers and employees, who can be directly and individually invited for an evaluation at each step of the process. As a result, evaluators only have access to the tasks forwarded to them in the area of evaluations. They do not automatically see all dossiers of a job.

Example view of a rights assignment as an evaluator in the process step

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