We will show you the advantages and disadvantages of both variants and how to adjust them.

Variant 1: (recommended) Every recruiter will be informed about the applications received for their positions

Option 2: All applications are received in a central e-mail box


  • at least: Recruiter rights

  • optional: Admin rights

+ Simplest version and very intuitive

+ Efficient, because only the e-mails concerning yourself have to be viewed and not all information e-mails are about an application.

- In the case of substitutions, it should be remembered that the substitution is called "Application invoice to: (Responsible Person)" before going on vacation, for example. Read more about how you can do this and how to substitute a recruiter in Dualoo.

  1. If a position is advertised, the person responsible for recruiting the position is simply entered in the job ad in the field "Application invoice to: (Responsible Person)". This person will receive an information mail with a direct link to the dossier.

Option 2: All applications are received in a central e-mail inbox

+/- confirmation of receipt goes from a general e-mail address to the applicant

+ For substitutions, no action needs to be taken in Dualoo

- Great effort in daily review of all incoming applications

- User (HR Team) must receive recruiter rights with every job posting

  1. If jobs are advertised, this variant always selects a person named "HR Team" or similar. This is a trick that creates a user with a general email address to which all recruiters have access (e.g. jobs@muster-firma.com). This email address will receive an info mail with a direct link to the dossier every time an application is received.

To set up Dualoo to use a central email inbox

  1. Click on "Jobs" in the menu above.

  2. Click on "Create new job advertisement" on the left side.

  3. Select the "Job type" Type of position "Employees" and the job title "Unsolicited applicant" and as "Gender-neutral professional title "Unsolicited application".

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