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How can I Integrate Video Interviews / Video Meetings in Dualoo?
How can I Integrate Video Interviews / Video Meetings in Dualoo?

Learn how to integrate video interviews into your application process and how the different use cases can look like.

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  • Requirements for conducting video meetings:

- Microphone & Camera

- browser: Google Chrome / latest version Edge

General Information

The video meetings in Dualoo are real-time live. The video conversation is not recorded or stored.

The videos can be used for job interviews as a first screening, for trial work or taster sessions if possible as the introduction of the team and much more.

Use cases video meetings

You have two options to integrate video meetings with candidates via Dualoo.

1. Video interview as process step

For this purpose, you can add a specially designed process step "video interview" to the application process. The process step has its own templates in the "Template Letters / E-Mail" section and also its own icon, which displays the dossier. The detailed instructions follow in this article.

We recommend this if individual process steps should always be carried out as a video meeting or should already be recognizable as such in the dossier overview.

You can integrate the placeholder for the video link [[VIDEOMEETING_URL]] in any letter / e-mail template. This allows you to perform process steps online or physically, depending on the template selection.

How to create new letter / e-mail templates can be seen here. In the following instructions we will only go into point 1, the integration of the process step video interview in the application process.

How can video interviews or video meetings be integrated into the application process?

1. Click on "Settings" in the menu Under the title "Module recruitment" now select "Application processes".

2. Select the relevant process. And scroll to the bottom.

3. Click on "Add new process step" and select video interview

4. The other adjustments (customizing the name, activating the detailed assessment and adding documents) are identical to other process steps. You can find the instructions here.

5. Done - Now you can invite candidates in the dossier for video interviewing. You can find the instructions here.

Further Information

Here you will find instructions for candidates to successfully log in to the video meeting.

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