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Overview multilingualism / languages in Dualoo
Overview multilingualism / languages in Dualoo

Here we give you an overview of multilingualism in Dualoo and what to pay special attention to.

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Dualoo is currently available in the following languages:

  • German

  • French

  • English

The use of multiple recruitment languages in Dualoo increases complexity. Therefore, below you will find an overview of the points that need to be considered and also adjustments in the settings.

Language in the Dualoo account (user interface)

Each 'employee' (user) in Dualoo can define the displayed language in their own account, regardless of their role and 'authorization'. This does not affect the languages in which jobs can be posted or applicants can be communicated with.

You can find the detailed Help Center article about this here.

Define recruitment languages

In order for Dualoo to be used for 'job postings' and communication with applicants in different languages, this must be enabled by an 'Admin' in the "Settings" under "Account".

Here, a main language is defined as well as all recruitment languages that should be available.

Important adjustments when activating multilingualism

We have entered an important overview for you, what you have to pay attention to, if you change your existing account from monolingual to multilingual. You will need to adjust several areas in the settings.

You can find the detailed HelpCenter article about this here.

Posting language(s) for 'job postings'

When creating a new job, you can select the desired posting language(s). The further information for the 'job' such as "professional titles" as well as the "job advertisement" must then be entered in all selected languages. In the "online application portal" on the company's career website, the 'jobs' are then available in the corresponding languages and the applicants can select the desired language themselves.

The detailed Help Center article on this can be found here.

Multilingual Applicant Communication

The confirmation of receipt of the application is automatically sent to the applicant in the language in which the job advertisement and input mask were displayed. The detailed Help Center article on how to enter templates and placeholders in different languages can be found here.

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