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How do I enter jobs in multiple languages and how are they displayed to applicants?
How do I enter jobs in multiple languages and how are they displayed to applicants?

Learn how jobs are advertised in multiple languages and how they are displayed to applicants in the application portal.

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  • 'Recruiter' rights (authorization to work in the process / dossiers)

  • The desired recruiting languages must be activated in the "Settings". If this is not the case, contact your 'Admin'.

You can see the complete process of how to create a new job in this Help Center article. In the following article we will deal with the specifics of multilingual jobs.

Posting a new job - multilingual

1. After you have started creating a new job, select the desired posting languages.

2. A main language must be defined. In the "Job overview", the "job" is displayed in the selected main language.

3. With the selection of the different posting language, the fields for the "professional titles" in the corresponding languages are automatically added, these are to be filled in as usual as mandatory fields.

4. The creation of the other steps, such as the "job information" and "authorizations", must be completed in the same way as for a monolingual job.

5. The "job advertisement" has to be filled in all selected advertisement languages. Important: do not forget to fill in the texts in all advertisement languages.

6. Under "Publish" you can publish the "Job" as usual.

In "Google & Social Media Posting", the job can be published in different languages - the number of applicants for the evaluations are automatically added together.

Information social media posting in the feed: Here, the selected main language is displayed in the first instance. This can lead to problems with platforms that store the information permanently in the cache. More about this here.

Information application portals: If you have integrated different "application portals" on your multilingual company career website, post the job in all desired application portals.

Advertisement in the application portal - multilingual

1. In the application portal, applicants can independently change the displayed language according to their preferences. In which language your application portals are available and in which language the jobs are displayed with first priority is defined in the "Settings" by your admin.

2. If a job is not entered in the language of the application portal, the main language of the job is automatically used.

Example: A job has the main language English and is advertised in German and English. However, the applicants set the "Application portal" to French. In this case, the job will be displayed in the main language English.

3. if the "application portal" is displayed in English and then a job is clicked, then the "job advertisement" is also automatically displayed in English. And the applicants will then also be shown the English input screen. Applicants could customize the language in each section.

4. The e-mail confirmation of receipt of the application will be automatically sent in the language that was displayed in the applicant's input screen.

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