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Functionality Crawler: Post jobs directly on job platforms
Functionality Crawler: Post jobs directly on job platforms

In this article we will show you a practical workaround for direct job posting on job portals.

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  • 'Admin' and 'Recruiter' rights

  • A created and open job. How to create a new job you can see here.


Job platforms and crawlers:

The goal of job platforms is to display all current vacancies. This is the only way to be perceived and visited as an attractive job platform by potential job seekers.

On the one hand, companies place paid advertisements on job platforms. However, in order to be able to display all other vacancies, job platforms search potential websites for vacancies using so-called crawlers. The jobs found are then also displayed on the platform (usually less present in the free area). Thus, it may well be that your jobs can already be found even without a paid advertisement.

Options to advertise on job platforms:

  1. Provide a link to the advertisement or to the applicant mask on the job platform. You can find the instructions here.

  2. Automatic advertisement via multiposting by Solique. You can find more information here.

  3. Job platform crawls your application portal and posts the jobs automatically. This procedure is explained below.

The third option is to provide the job platform with the data for a job via a separate Dualoo application portal, whereupon the job platform automatically publishes the job. In this case, it is agreed with the job platform that the link to a newly entered Dualoo application portal will be regularly crawled (searched). The jobs found or posted on this portal are then published. Depending on the agreement with the job platform, this can be done as a paid advertisement or in the free area.

Advantages of this procedure:

  • Time savings: automatic posting eliminates the need to create the job on the job platform.

Disadvantages of this approach:

  • Limited findability on the job platform:
    Depending on the job platform, other additional information is requested for each job in order to supplement the filter and search function of the platforms. As a result, it is possible that not all the necessary data for the job can be transmitted via the application portal. Your job advertisement will then not appear as a result on the platform for certain specific searches.

  • Low overview / customization options:
    The jobs advertised via the crawler are not visible in your job platform login. Thus, no manual adjustments are possible on the platform. Changes to the job can only be made in Dualoo.


1. Click on "Settings" in Dualoo and then on "Online application portal".

2. Enter a new portal (depending on your needs for the free or the paid advertisement on the platform). Detailed instructions on how to enter a new application portal can be found here.

3. Copy the URL of the new portal.

4. Contact the support of the desired job platform, make the appropriate agreement (order the job platform to crawl your portal regularly) and forward the link of the new application portal.

In the "Overview of providers" section below, you will find job platforms where our customers already advertise their jobs using this method.

5. The job platform creates a crawler which regularly searches the link to the newly entered Dualoo application portal. As soon as you post a new job on this portal (instructions here), the platform can use the crawled data to advertise the job directly. This eliminates the need for an additional login to the job platform's profile. Depending on the agreement with the platform, this advertisement can be free of charge or subject to a fee.

Tip Multilingual: If you advertise your jobs in multiple languages, one portal per language is necessary.

To note: If you have a quota for a certain number of published jobs on the job platform, please keep track of the number of published jobs on the application portal. Only as many jobs will be published as have been agreed in the quota.

Overview of providers

This workaround has already been successfully implemented with the following providers:

  • JobChannel

  • Indeed




We are gladly available for clarifications with other job platforms. Just contact us via chat.

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