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Recommendation deletion of candidate dossier according to GDPR
Recommendation deletion of candidate dossier according to GDPR

The GDPR includes the right to be forgotten. You can learn how to comply with this in this article.

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Currently, according to the order data processing contract, it is the customer's task to delete the candidate dossier from Dualoo in due time. We are constantly developing Dualoo further in order to support our customers as well as possible in the administrative work in recruiting. Therefore, automatic archiving of the candidate dossier within the valid deadlines is planned for the future.


  • Recruiter rights

Recommendation when closing a job

When you have completed a recruitment, we recommend that you set a reminder to delete the candidate files or delete them directly in Dualoo. The documents may be kept for a maximum of 6 months without the consent of the Applicant.

Recommendations before deletion / evaluations

In order to be able to make certain evaluations even after the deletion of the candidate file, we recommend evaluating all the information that is important for you in advance and transferring it to a separate Excel list. Of course, this should only be "non-personal data".

Here are some possible evaluations as an example. You can find more information about the evaluations in Dualoo here.

  • Number of applications received per job

  • Number of applications per application channel

  • Number of applications received, e.g. per month

  • Number of interviews e.g. per month

Deleting candidate dossiers

You can see here how to delete candidate dossiers using the 3-point button.

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