How can I adapt the automatic confirmation of receipt?

Learn how to customise the 'acknowledgement of receipt' that is automatically sent when an online application is received.

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  • 'Admin' rights.

  • You can see how to use placeholders in the templates here.

  • You can enter other e-mail and letter templates here.

Background - formal and legal requirements

The e-mail with the confirmation of receipt of the application is the only e-mail in Dualoo that is automatically sent to the Applicant (for online applications).

It is therefore particularly important that all formal and legal requirements are met here. The templates are used as confirmation of receipt for apprentices, trainees and employees. In addition, the emails are also sent when someone registers for a trial apprenticeship or an information event, in this case as confirmation of registration.

Dualoo Best Practice Templates

The Dualoo Best Practise templates adhere to all of the above guidelines and are therefore:

  • Gender-neutral (address: Good day First name Last name)

  • GDPR & DSG compliant (incl. information on withdrawal of an application / registration)

  • Informal (Du-form) and formal (Sie-form) We therefore do not use your or yours in the text.

  • Available in all languages

  • Can be used for all step types (applications for information events / trial apprenticeships and also for applications for employees' apprenticeships or traineeships)

    Tip: We therefore recommend using the Dualoo best practice templates.

Enter your own templates for the automatic acknowledgement of receipt.

1. If you want to use your own templates, you can deactivate the checkbox.

2. As soon as you have deactivated the checkbox, the editing mode appears and you can enter further templates and adapt the existing templates.

3. You do not have to assign the templates to the application process, as these templates are defined directly in the respective job advertisement. This is because there can be several job advertisements for the same job (job, information event or trial apprenticeship).

Selection of automatic confirmation of receipt when a new job is entered.

Here you can see how the selection of the automatic confirmation of receipt looks for the recruiter when creating or editing a job advertisement.

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