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How does multiposting work with prospective in Dualoo?
How does multiposting work with prospective in Dualoo?

Learn how to post jobs through prospective. We show you the process of publishing a job.

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  • The multiposting of prospective must have been installed by your "admin".

  • Recruiter rights (authorization to work in the process / dossiers)

  • A job that you have created and would like to publish, see how to create a job here.

How can a job be published via prospective?

  1. You can access the settings for the job in the job overview by clicking on the settings button.

Then go to the "Publish" area.

Activate the checkbox "Activate Prospective Integration".

3. Next, enter your "prospective token".

Information: This only needs to be done once per user, after which prospective is already listed in the "direct integrations".

4. Prospective is automatically added to the direct integrations. The button is set to "Off" by default.

5. If the button is set to "On", the multiposting of prospective opens automatically and further editing of the order creation in prospective can be started.

6. Enter the usual information in prospective.

7. All texts that have already been created in Dualoo were automatically transferred to the "job profile" of prospective via the interface. Here you can edit the texts further and add additional information (e.g. Google Maps, place of work, etc.).

8. Further information on the "job details" can also be added.

9. In the "Media selection", select the desired "Tender optimisations" and add them to your shopping cart.

10. In the "Publication details", select the desired information on the duration etc.. Tender optimisations and add them to your shopping cart.

11. In the "Advertisement design" you can check the preview of the job advertisement and if it meets your expectations, apply for the "GzO".

12. After receipt of the GzO (good for online publication), the "placing of order" can be completed.

What do applications received via prospective look like?

Of course, applications in Dualoo look identical no matter which channel/source you receive them through. But there are small differences in the view of the sources of the applications, which we show below.

View number of applications in the job overview

View source of applications in the dossier overview

View of the source in the candidate dossier

How can a job be deactivated again via prospective?

If you want to deactivate a job again. You have to make the change in Dualoo and in prospective.

1. Go to the detailed settings of the desired job in the menu "Publish" and click on the button "Off".

2. A message will automatically appear telling you that you must also deactivate this change directly in prospective. Click on "Open Prospective"

3. Open prospective and deactivate the job publication in question under "Placement of orders".

4. Go back to Dualoo and click on "Done in Prospective". The button stays on "Off" and the warning message disappears. Candidates can no longer apply.

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