• Recruiter rights (authorization to collaborate in the process / dossier)

Sequence of the recruiting process

In the 'settings' you can define which 'steps' your recruitment process should include. Dualoo has a total of nine possible process steps, of which two (acceptance and rejection) are mandatory. Here you can read more about how the recruitment process works.

Basically, the completion of one step always triggers a subsequent step (exception: 'process interruption'). However, the order of the steps can be determined by the recruiter. This means that you can also jump directly to the 'Rejection' step and skip the 'Job Interview' step. When adding the next process step, a 'responsible person' must always be included. This person will receive an e-mail as soon as he or she is responsible for a step. This ensures that the process never stops.

Functions in process steps

1. 'Delete the process step' / 'Inform employees'

2. Responsible person': This person is responsible for the step.

3. 'Select Operator': This person carries out the step - may differ from the responsible person (e.g. for trial lessons)

4. 'Date' of the step (e.g. application receipt). For some steps there are start and end date and start and end time.

5. Attachments, documents, e-mails and notes for this step

6. Various options for the respective communications (e.g. delete, download, rename)

7. Upload documents from the PC to the step. These attachments are shown under point 5.

8. New 'Generate document' (PDF). This document will be displayed under point 5.

9. New 'Send e-mail'. The e-mails and their replies are shown under point 5.

10. Create 'Internal note'. The notes are displayed under point 5.

11. 'Add raters' for 'detailed assessement'. This option is only shown if the step has 'detailed rating' in the settings (here).

12. 'Overall review' of the step

13. 'Complete Step' triggers the next step or interrupts the process (here)

Personal assistant in the cockpit

In the "Cockpit" under "Personal Assistant" all overdue dossiers and evaluations are displayed.

Requirements for an overdue:

  • Set date (see above at 4) must be in the past

  • I am the responsible person

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