Each template has a subject and a content, possibly an attachment and is assigned to a design template. The design is used to create a letter in your design from the content and the subject.

You can read the connection between design and template here.

Letters as well as e-mails can be created with each template.


  • Rights as 'Admin'

  • You need at least one design letters. The instructions for creating/adjusting a design can be found here.

  • If you want to use data from Dualoo (e.g. names), you have to create the text with the placeholders from Dualoo.

  • You can find out what you need to consider with multiple languages below in this article

  • The automatic confirmation of receipt of the application, which is sent automatically by e-mail for online applications, can be found in a separate menu item. You can see how to adjust this here.

Add new template

1. Click on "Settings" in the menu Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "Template letters / e-mail"

2. First select the process step for which you want to add the document.

3. Click on the button with the plus sign to add a new, empty template.

By clicking on the dropdown button you can select a new template including text from Dualoo's best practice templates.

4. Enter a name for the new template in the "Title" field (e.g. confirmation of trial apprenticeship)

5. The item "Text template" must be activated. If you only want to generate one attachment (no letter or e-mail) you can also uncheck the box and upload only one document.

6. A design must be selected under Design template for letters. Read here how you can create or customize a design.

7. Under "Subject" you define the subject line of the e-mail and the content of the placeholder X_BETREFF. Placeholders can be used to make the subject dynamic (here). The placeholders can be easily placed using the "Insert placeholder" item.

8. Finally save the file by clicking on "Save".

9. The content/text of the letters and mails is now stored in the "Content" section This is inserted into the letters with the placeholder X_TEXT. The placeholders can also be conveniently placed here with Insert placeholder. At the end save again with "Save".

10. In the last point, attachments can be defined for e-mails and additional pages for letters. The document must be uploaded as *.docx. Placeholders can be defined here as well (here).

11. the document must then be linked during the application process (see step 5 here)

Adapt existing template

1. Click on "Settings" in the menu Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "Template letters / e-mail".

2. First select the process step for which you want to edit the template

3. Now select the template you want to adapt.

4. Make the desired adjustment.

5. From now on the updated document will be used for all linked process steps. Do you want to add the template to another process step or remove it? Then read more about it here in step 5.

Recommendation for accounts with multiple recruitment languages

If you have used multiple recruitment languages in your account from the beginning, all Best Practice templates are automatically created in these languages.

If you change your account from monolingual to multilingual, use our Best Practice templates for an easy start. The correct placeholders in the respective languages are already stored there.

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