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Interim solution Talentpool - Working with talent pools
Interim solution Talentpool - Working with talent pools

Learn how to use talent pools, assign applicants and search for suitable candidates in the talent pool.

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Dualoo will have a sophisticated and automated talent pool in the future. Until this feature is available to everyone by default, we recommend this solution.


  • Talent pools were set up by an admin - see instructions HERE

  • Rights as a recruiter

Introduction - What is a talent pool and what are the opportunities and threats?

At the end of the recruitment process for a job, it often happens that you have several almost equally good candidates to choose from. Of course, you give the job to the talent who is at the top of the list, but the rejection of the other almost equally good talents is very pointless and the deletion of the hard-earned results of the application process is very painful. And yes, according to the new Data Protection Act, you must have irrevocably deleted the Applicant's data no later than 6 months after the rejection. Unless the applicant gives you permission to store the data for longer. In this case, it is called a talent pool.

Opportunities: You can give a good feeling to talents you cannot currently consider.

If another job is created or the selected candidate has not passed the probationary period, you can simply fall back on your talent pool.

Threats: In the case of a new job posting, the applicants from your talent pool should definitely be contacted before the job is publicly advertised.

Even in the talent pool, applicant data may not be stored indefinitely (max. 5 years, depending on the country and legal situation). This must be done by the recruiters themselves in the interim solution (of course Dualoo reminds the recruiters of this).

1. Add applicants to a talent pool

1. Select the dossier or the candidate from which you would like to invite to the Talent Pool

2. Click on the button below "Applications"

3. When selecting a "job", type "Talent" in the search field and select the talent pool of the appropriate location. Press "Continue" to confirm.

4. Select the appropriate talent pool at "Select the first step" and confirm with "Create".

5. The step opens. Now enter the date until when you request the permission of the applicant to save his data in the Talent Pool.

6. Send an e-mail and select the template "Request Talent Pool".

7. If you receive a confirmation from the applicant, the addition to the talent pool has been successfully completed. IMPORTANT: If the applicant does not wish to be added, you are obliged to delete the application data 3-6 months after the rejection.

2. Inform talents from the talent pool about the vacant position in case of a job advertisement

1. Advertise a job as usual You can find out more about the job advertisement HERE.

2. Open your talent pool by clicking on Jobs above

3. If you have many open positions, you can enter "talent" in the search to display only the talent pools. Select the location for which you have advertised the job and click on it.

4. Now the talents of this talent pool are visible. To narrow down the talent pool even more, click on "Edit Filters" and enter "Talent" in the field again. Now select the appropriate activity group in the talent pool. Now also press the label of the column "Matching" until the sorting shows the highest matchings at the top.

5. Click now on the talent with the highest Matching Index to open the dossier On the left side under "filtered list" you can now browse the talents.

6. If a candidate's skills fit, you can send them a template e-mail informing them that a suitable position is available.

3. Delete applicants from a talent pool

1. Switch to the "Cockpit" of Dualoo. Use the "Fast navigation" to jump directly to the applicant you want to remove from the talent pool or click on Jobs in the menu and select the correct talent pool.

2. Open the application dossier that you want to delete.

3. Click on the three small dots to the right of the job title that you want to delete

4. Select "Delete job application" and confirm the deletion Now the applicant is removed from the talent pool but not deleted. Learn more about deleting applicants HERE.

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