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What adjustments need to be made in the settings when activating multilingualism?
What adjustments need to be made in the settings when activating multilingualism?

In this article you will see all the areas in the "Settings" where the activation of multilingualism has an impact.

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The following considerations and some adjustments must be made when activating multilingualism in Dualoo. Some areas in Dualoo are German by default, if you have not already set up Dualoo in multiple languages during registration. These areas must therefore be adjusted when using additional languages.


  • Admin rights to adjust "settings


First, you need to customize the language settings in "Settings" - under "Account". You can choose all available recruitment languages and you have to define one main language.

Application processes

The application process and the names of the individual process steps were created in German (or the language you selected). Our recommendation: Even if the process is multilingual, use 1 process and label the process steps (multilingual) in each of the recruitment languages.

Alternatively, an application process can be stored for each recruitment language, but then a job cannot be advertised in several languages, as one application process is defined for each job.

Job profiles

Especially for existing accounts, you can select the newly available recruitment languages in the job profiles and add the information (for job advertisement etc.).

Online application portals

In the online application portals, the desired languages in which the jobs are to be displayed must be added. The applicants have the possibility to change the language of the job advertisements. In addition, a main language must be defined, this is the language in which the application portal should be displayed in first priority.

If you want to integrate different "application portals" on your multilingual company career website, you have to enter different application portals and integrate them on your company website. How to enter new application portals you can see here. In addition, you can find the instructions for integration on the website here.

Input masks for application portals

The input masks are automatically available in all selected recruitment languages in the settings. According to the browser language settings of the applicants the corresponding language is displayed. This language can be customized by the applicant. More information can be found in the corresponding Help Center article.

Letter / E-Mail templates

The templates for letters and e-mails contain the language. When entering new templates, it must be noted that certain placeholders are language-specific. For example, if the date including the month is written out.

Information: One design template can be stored for each template, for entering letters. These design templates also contain different placeholders, depending on the recruitment language.

In the Help Center article of the instructions for entering letter / e-mail templates, you will also find our recommendation for accounts with multiple recruitment languages.

Templates rating schemes

By default, the evaluation criteria are stored only in the main language. In case of multilingualism and the use of only one process, the evaluation criteria can therefore be supplemented with the translations. This is especially important if your employees are not all fluent in the selected main language.

Our recommendation: Use of 1 application process for all recruitment languages and therefore the use of multilingual rating schemes.

Information: For each rating scheme, a "layout rating scheme" can be stored, for entering documents as a pdf. For example, for entering feedback forms for trial apprenticeships of apprentices. These design templates also contain different placeholders, depending on the recruitment language.

Layout e-mail / signature

The e-mail signature is automatically available in the respective recruitment languages. You must now adapt this to your design. Here you can find the detailed instructions in the Help Center.

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